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com reproduces a selection of the latest news about the major changes that have occurred in the largest US companies. In general, the attention of a professional team portal focused on the most significant news, reflecting the change in the price of shares of different companies. Also, changes in the current financial results for certain periods of time. Thus, the content of this section of the news site focuses readers on all major data, recreating the situation in the major companies of the United States at any given time.

The attention of the target audience of the site provided the main news video and a number of online news, which reflects the events of oil and gas, aircraft construction, rail, and other companies of that State. Also in the pages of "US Companies" section of the news web resource special attention is focused on the most important issues that fully recreate the history of the emergence of the first large companies in the United States and their impact on economic sectors of individual states and the world economic system as a whole. .